Top 5 places for street food in Dubrovnik

Top 5 places for delicious & cheap street food in Dubrovnik

As a busy local, I’m more into street food than some upscale restaurants, so I’m pretty qualified to recommend you places with the best street food in Dubrovnik, that all locals just love. 

It’s fast food like you never had before, prepared with local & fresh ingredients, perfect for a quick lunch and recovering your energy while exploring magical Dubrovnik Old Town. 

Let’s grab a bite! 



Fast seafood? An octopus burger? I bet most of you didn’t try something like this before, but believe me, you won’t regret it. Barba is a small family-runned seafood/streetfood restaurant in the Old Town, Boškovićeva street, where everything served to you is carefully made from local fresh ingredients. They successfully combined the tradition with the modern approach, making you want to come again. 



Burger Tiger is a street food restaurant in Dubrovnik that serves incredibly excellent meals with timeless flavors that everyone loves. With tasty burgers, hot dogs, excellent tortillas, and finger foods, Burger Tiger is a clear improvement over standard fast food in Dubrovnik. It also offers a fantastic assortment of pizzas and fresh pasta.



What you eat makes you who you are! So why not treat yourself to some fresh, healthy, and delicious street food in the heart of Old Town?
Discover our nutritious street food right around the corner from Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main street. Our objective was simple: to provide fantastic healthy street cuisine made from fresh ingredients obtained locally and mixed into tasty modern dishes. Sit and eat or order takeaway, and don’t forget to take in the gorgeous streets of Old Town. Every bite will tantalize your senses! 



take away tortilla

Take Away Dubrovnik is actually a brand with 3 different fast food restaurants in the Old town: Take Away Mix is an urban American style restaurant with chicken tortillas, burgers & sandwiches, Take Away Orient has the same things, but in orient style (and kebabs as well), and Take Away Fresh is a healthy fast food concept offering freshly squeezed juices, smoothies & sandwiches. You can’t miss if you choose any one of them. 



preparing pasta tuttobene

Located in the street “Od Puča”, which runs parallel to the main street Stradun, this is a popular street food joint loved by both, locals & tourists. Their alluring pizzas in the shop window and the pleasant aromas spreading down the street are drawing you to come inside and have some delicious pizza, kebab, burger, vege or meat sandwich… Try their signature chicken wings and fries, packaged especially for wanderers who enjoy a bite on the go.

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