Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Dubrovnik


Fine dining restaurants, or white-tablecloth restaurants, are types of restaurants which offer top quality service and food in an upscale setting. But, that’s not all it takes to make a difference from casual dining. Fine dining has certain rules that should be followed, such as specific meal courses, knowledgeable servers, attention to details, a premium wine list, etc.

Dubrovnik is famous for vivid gastronomy scene, famous chefs and some really amazing restaurants. However, a lot of restaurants these days label themselves as “fine dining”, but the truth is, there are only a few of them in Dubrovnik that actually meet the high criteria.

Dubrovnik Tour Guide is bringing you the top 5 restaurants for fine dining in Dubrovnik.

If you decide to visit one of these places, make sure you reserve your early enough.


If you’re looking for a restaurant with a great view and top-quality food, service, and ambiance, Posat Restaurant is the right place for you. Since 2004, the same team of outstanding professionals has raised the bar higher and higher, setting the standard for Dubrovnik’s fine dining. Located just outside Dubrovnik’s city walls, the rooftop terrace offers a wonderful view of historic landmarks and the sea. The menu is based on authentic Mediterranean cuisine, presented innovatively and uniquely. 


Restaurant Dubrovnik Lopud

For the second generation of our family, hospitality is a family tradition. We decided to devote ourselves to tourism, and as a result of our family tradition, Restaurant Dubrovnik has been open on the island of Lopud since 1999. Our cuisine is influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle, which is our restaurant’s expertise. The cuisine is entirely dependent on the availability of fresh products daily. Our menu is distinguished by daily caught fish, crabs, and shellfish. The wonderful natural ambiance, as well as the oceanfront terrace, will make your visit to our Dubrovnik restaurant an amazing experience.
Visit us and experience all that the island of Lopud has to offer!


Ezza Steak & Cocktail Bar

A new restaurant in Dubrovnik, owned by the famous football player Edin Džeko, is a must-go place for all the foodies. The original idea behind the EZZA Steak & Cocktail Bar was to create an amazing place that would offer a variety of culinary options to the most passionate of meat enthusiasts, to bring that extra flair to the steak & cocktail bar culture in Dubrovnik. Only the finest steaks and meat cuts from places like Argentina, Japan, and Scotland are served in the middle of a table, accompanied by a selection of signature dips and sauces as well as carefully chosen seasonal ingredients.


Proto Fish Restaurant

First, what comes to mind at the mention of a great fish restaurant in Dubrovnik? Established in 1886, Restaurant Proto is located in the heart of Dubrovnik’s historical core on Široka Street. The long tradition attests to its reputation and lasting quality based on its unparalleled preparation of diverse seafood and meat dishes. Proto’s gourmet menu is inspired by indigenous dishes and the culinary artistry of Dubrovnik’s aristocratic and commoner families. Michelin included this restaurant in its famous guide, with a recommendation to go for the catch of the day.


Restaurant Sesame

Restaurant Sesame– a Place of Amazing Delights, located in a 200-year-old stone house surrounded by pittosporum and citrus trees, is a hidden haven of culinary delights just a five-minute walk from the Old Town. Relax and enjoy your time on the terrace while listening to the piano and tasting the fine wines and meat and fish delicacies.

OPEN, SESAME! was a magical word in the One Thousand and One Nights novel “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” It would unlock the way to massive secret wealth. This treasure is now waiting for you in the freshly renovated Restaurant Sesame, Dubrovnik’s most exquisite hidden gem. Come witness what great charm this location has to offer, eager to entice you with its one-of-a-kind environment.


Restaurant Sesame continues the family tradition that started in 1880 and is nestled in a pleasant green oasis just a few minutes from the Old Town, on the route leading to Gradac Park and Dane Beach, both popular local destinations.
The street is named for the renowned Italian poet Dante, and there is a bust of him near the entrance to Sesame. The restaurant is housed within a two-hundred-year-old stone mansion surrounded by beautiful vegetation from orange and pittosporum trees.

Each piece of furniture inside Sesame reflects the tale of Dubrovnik, and the city’s rich past is just a part of Sesame’s character. A close observer will notice vintage black-and-white images of Dubrovnik, complete with a 20th-century tram. Other interesting items such as the miniature owl figurines, which are emblems of wisdom, are placed all over the restaurant.

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