Dubrovnik Restaurants

The most asked and most difficult question to answer is „where should I eat in Dubrovnik? “. The type of food, occasion, and other preferences are just a few factors to consider. Luckily, Dubrovnik is very proud of its gastronomy and under the walls of the Old City, you can experience true culinary magic. We would even say that choosing a favorite restaurant in Dubrovnik is a joyful task! The best tables in the city get booked quickly so make sure you book them in advance.

We have compiled a list of our personal best in the categories of fine dining, casual dining, street food places, pizza spots, and small stops for sweets and coffee. These are places we want to return to again and again, and we think that you will too!


Fine Dining

Experience the magic of local food, prepared by exclusive chefs in the setting of the world-famous Old Town in Dubrovnik. These are our restaurant recommendations for fine dining in Dubrovnik. Thanks to interesting menus, unique locations, stunning terraces, and seating areas these places have maintained their reputation throughout the years.

Casual Dining

With over 1,000 restaurants in Dubrovnik, it is time to narrow down the best casual dining restaurants in Dubrovnik for your next meal. No matter your preferred ambiance, there is an option for everyone on this list. Seasonal menus, and signature dishes – find a seat and enjoy!

Street Food

Dubrovnik Street Food scene takes pride in introducing customers to its specialties. We have tried them all and we can confirm the ingredients are fresh and flavorful. Technically, these are all restaurants, but the casual fare here certainly qualifies as street food. This is a list of the best street food places in Dubrovnik.


If you want to sit down and eat a good pizza – here you will find the best pizzerias in Dubrovnik! Every place recommended is consistently great and one of the favorites among the local people. Attention to fresh ingredients and the art of making pizza pay off in very good pizza varieties.

Sweets & Coffee

Planning your afternoon or morning destination for coffee & dessert in Dubrovnik? Ice creams, cakes, cookies – we have eaten them all and we are here to bring you the best sweets and coffee places in Dubrovnik. We have written more about Dubrovnik’s coffee culture in our blogs so make sure you read it before you head out. Here’s our list of “sweet life” treats.