St. Blaise Church

Attraction Details

The St. Blaise Church was built in 1715 in the extravagant Venetian Baroque style. It was created by the Venetian maestro Marino Gropelli in 1706, on the order of the Dubrovnik Senate which demanded a new church on the site of the old 14th-century Romanesque church.

The church was first damaged during the earthquake, and the second time was entirely destroyed by the devastating fire in 1706.

Everything perished in flames, aside from the silver statue of St Blaise, which was miraculously saved. After the years spent at the Church of St Nicholas at Prijeko Street, the statue was in 1715 returned to its former place. One of Dubrovnik’s most significant sculptures, the statue of Saint Blaise displays the city’s ancient architecture through the model of the city he holds in his hand.

St Blaise has been praised as the patron of Dubrovnik since the 10th century. According to the historians of Dubrovnik, St Blaise protected the Dubrovnik residents when the Venetians moored their ships in Gruž and in front of the Island of Lokrum in the 10th century. The natives believed that the Venetians would leave for the Levant after they supplied themselves with food and drink, as they promised. Visitors took advantage of the opportunity to see the attractions and evaluate the shortcomings in the city’s defense. However, St Blaise shared their intentions with the parish priest Stojko and thus saved the City from the attack. The priest portrayed him as an old grey-haired man with a long beard, a bishop’s hat, and a cane in his hand — exactly the way his statues on the city walls and towers look.

St Blaise Day is celebrated on 3 February, and it is also the City of Dubrovnik Day.