Sponza Palace

Attraction Details

Sponza Palace is built in the 16th century according to the design of Paskoje Miličević, in Dubrovnik’s specific Gothic-Renaissance style. The Palace also served as the arsenal and mint. The mason’s works were mainly performed by the Andrijić Brothers. The doors in the first-floor portico and atrium head to the storages.

The following writing can be seen on the central wall: FALLERE NOSTRAVETANT; ET FALL PONDERE: MEQVE PONDERO CVM MERCES PONDERAT IPSE DEUS (We are forbidden to cheat or falsify measures, and when I weigh goods, God himself is weighing them with me).

This Palace was the most vital commercial center of the City.. In the 17th century it grew in the meeting area of members of the Academy of the Learned, who used to talk about science, literature and arts. Today, the Sponza Palace is home of the Dubrovnik Archives, considered to be among the richest in Europe.