Attraction Details

Red History Museum – the first Croatian interactive museum of life during communist Yugoslavia opened in Dubrovnik. The first interactive project that presents everyday life in Croatia during the Yugoslavian communist regime. By using new technologies, visitors can explore history on their own. History is revived thanks to augmented reality app. Lots of hidden information throughout the museum makes this place a learning playground.

The Patriotic Museum was founded in 1872 at the influence of the Chamber of Trade and the Commune Council. The museum was placed on the first level of the municipality building of the time and was revealed to the public in 1873. Its core consists of an excellent original history collection.

Today Dubrovnik Museums are a combined regional institution including four specialized museums: Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Cultural History Museum, and Maritime Museum. Their extensive holdings are on display in buildings that are heritage structures of the highest order of importance by themselves.

The Cultural History Museum is positioned in the Rector”s Palace. In its constant display, an endeavour has been created to conjure up the genuine space of historical events, and in the exhibition of artworks from the collection, to express the rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the Dubrovnik Republic.

The Ethnographic Museum is placed in the most massive storehouse of the Republic, Rupe (the holes). In the context of the authentic historical place, the traditional culture of the Dubrovnik regions is shown.

The Maritime Museum is stationed in Fort St John, and its constant display presents the famed nautical history of the Dubrovnik region.

The Archaeological Museum has no constant display. Its holdings include heterogeneous elements from prehistory to the late Middle Ages. Some of the content is shown in Revelin Fort, in the framework of two thematic exhibitions: Early Medieval Sculpture in Dubrovnik and Revelin – Archaeological Research/ Spatial Development / Foundry.