Attraction Details

Cavtat, the former Epidaurus, was a famous Roman settlement in this region, which departs after the breakthrough of the Avarians and the Slavs into this area after the drop of the Western Roman Empire. Their inhabitants escaped to the neighboring settlement Laus-Rave-Ragus, wherefrom Dubrovnik arose. In historical references, Cavtat is also introduced with the name Ragusa Vecchia, which clearly indicates the connection of these two cities. In the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, Cavtat was the second most potent seaport, place of administration and trade in the Republic after Dubrovnik.

Cavtat offers so much to the guests. Its landscape, the rich historical and cultural heritage along with the range of the services provided to tourists, meet the demands of the present-day tourists. Cavtat is located among the charming city of Dubrovnik on one side and stunning Konavle on the other. The best way to explore Cavtat and Konavle is by booking the Konavle Gastro And Culture Tour!