Where to buy authentic Dubrovnik products

Where to buy the most authentic & coolest products in Dubrovnik

Walking down the streets of Dubrovnik, you may be overwhelmed by the quantity of various souvenir and gift shops at every corner, selling too expensive “authentic” products. 

As a local guide, I want to help you to avoid tourist traps, and bring back home something truly valuable from this beautiful town. Keep reading and find out where to find really cool, high-quality and truly authentic Dubrovnik products, whether it’s art, culture, fashion or gastronomy.

Let’s shop!


Art Go’den


An original Dubrovnik brand, Art Go’den accessory items are known for top-quality & elegance. Motivated by city of Dubrovnik and its profound nobility well known for being the first to introduce cravat to the rest of the world, their goods express contemporary dandyism with a scent of navy flair. A perfect place to buy a tie, wallet or a lovely handbag that will remind you of Dubrovnik. Check their shop in Hilton hotel near the entrance to the Old Town. 


Craft & Stones

craft and stones owners

A hidden little gem in the Old Town for those who seek something truly local and original. A story behind this cute shop is actually a love story – it was founded by, as they like to say,  “wife and husband team”: Pero is a stonemason who carves artifacts, jewelry and other objects made of local limestone, while Lena designs cool T-shirts and canvas bags. It is also home to a few innovative souvenirs made by young Dubrovnik local artists.




Did you know that Croatia is the homeland of a necktie? It was first used by Croatian mercenaries in France in the 17th century, and the king Louis XIII was absolutely delighted by the new “cravat” thing back then. Croata shop is holding that legacy in high regard, offering top quality ties, scarves and accessories, made of the finest silk, in small series and additionally refined handmade.


Dubrovnik House

dubrovnik house

Walking down the St. Dominic street, you’ll see a lovely shop showcasing colorful art on the street wall. Dubrovnik House offers a variety of products that represent Dubrovnik: local wines, local art gallery, and authentic souvenirs. Inquire about traditional Dubrovnik sweets: mantala (grape tidbits), kotonjata (quince dessert), caramelized almonds, sweet fig, and arancini. They also have some great natural honey, olive oil, brandies, teas, and herbs. 


Old Town Market

old town market

The only open-­market in the Old Town, on Gundulic Square near the Rector’s Palace. If you come early enough in the morning, you can pick up some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables from local area. Here you can also buy some authentic products and great souvenirs, like fragrant lavender bags, sweet-­bitter arancini (candied bitter orange peel), candied almonds, dried figs, and various brandies and liqueurs. 

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