Best 5 casual dining restaurants in Dubrovnik

Best 5 casual dining restaurants in Dubrovnik you have to try!

Let’s face it, one of the most important things on a vacation is food. We all want to eat good, try some new and exciting flavors, but we don’t want to spend a fortune on it. In a city like Dubrovnik, with hundreds of restaurants in such a small area, that is quite a challenge. 

That is why I made this simple list of 5 places you can’t go wrong with. Delicious & authentic local food, great service, reasonable prices. Here’s your top 5 casual dining places in Dubrovnik. 



banje restaurant table

Located on the most iconic beach in Dubrovnik, Banje, with a breathtaking view on the Old Town and the harbour. Using fresh seasonal foods from local producers and farmers, chef fuses together Mediterranean cuisine with typical Dalmatian flavor. Combining the elegant decor, chic ambiance with a sophisticated dining experience, this place is popular among local as well as the numerous international business people and celebrities.



bowa dubrovnik sipan

A little mediterranean paradise in every sense of the word: a crystal blue sea, pristine nature, pine shades, and of course – delicious fresh seafood. Bowa restaurant is placed on Šipan Island near Dubrovnik and it’s approachable only from the sea. If you’re looking for an escape from the bustle and crowds of the city, you will find your serenity here. Go with the fresh tuna steak – I bet you haven’t tried a better one. 



Team of Kopun restaurant takes great pride at their efforts to bring back some of the old Croatian recipes handed down through centuries. Their signature dish is Kopun or Capon, a castrated rooster, which is bred exclusively for the meat. They are highly valued delicacy in traditional cuisine all across Europe. A perfect place to explore Croatian national cuisine and try something truly authentic. 



restaurant lajk meals

This charming family restaurant is located in the center of the Old city, in a Prijeko street, where some of  the oldest Dubrovnik restaurants are. Their specialty? They use only local ingredients in their meals, including the spices. The menu is simple, because they insist on the highest quality and authenticity. If you still haven’t tried Rozata, a traditional Dubrovnik dessert, this is the right place to do it – they really know how to make one! 



bistro tavulin

Recommended in Michelin guide for 3 years in a row, this family-owned restaurant is definitely something you don’t want to miss while in Dubrovnik. It offers some classic Croatian dishes, but their chef is always making some new and exciting innovations on the menu, using only seasonal products, authentic and local ingredients. As already mentioned in the Michelin guide,  the set four course Dubrovnik Dinner is a real “steal”.

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