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Dubrovnik History

Dubrovnik History Tour will give you an insight into this exceptional Mediterranean city!

Dubrovnik area in the past was inhabited by Illyrians, Greeks, and Romans according to many historical discoveries. The population started to grow in the 7th century when refugees from a Roman settlement Epidaurus (Cavtat) fled in front of Slavs and Avars and joined the commune on the rocky Island Laus. Slavs came under the hill Srđ and formed a settlement called Dubrava. The channel that was separating these two settlements was closed in the 12th century and the rise of Dubrovnik begin!

The golden age of Dubrovnik was during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic when Dubrovnik was a very rich and powerful independent city-state from 1358-1808. The most cherishable value was Libertas (freedom) and the main motto of the Republic was “Freedom is not sold for all the gold in the world”! 

Dubrovnik was able to preserve its freedom thanks to great diplomacy skills, a large navy fleet, and of course the massive city walls that were protecting the city.

Through witty politics and governing, the city had great economic accomplishments. The geographical position of Dubrovnik and its deals with influential trading countries of that time made it possible. The prosperity endured successfully until the 17th century when a massive earthquake hit the area and killed over 5,000 people. Dubrovnik never fully recovered from this natural catastrophe. It was taken by Napoleon which signified the official fall of the Dubrovnik Republic.

Later in history, Dubrovnik was massively impacted by the War for Independence in, now the former, Yugoslavia. Dubrovnik Old Town was heavily damaged during the conflict. It was soon restored and proudly carries the name “The Pearl of the Adriatic” as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


Dubrovnik is known as the crown jewel of the Adriatic Coast. Its rich and troubled history left over many stunning monuments and buildings. You can enjoy Dubrovnik Attractions in this perfect setting of medieval culture while surrounded by spectacular Dubrovnik City Walls!

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Dubrovnik Restaurants are among the most exclusive restaurants on the Mediterranean Sea. Supplied with local ingredients, and prepared by masterful chefs provide the ultimate dining experience. Dubrovnik is very proud of its gastronomic scene and under the Walls Of Dubrovnik, you can experience why that is. Experience the magic of Dubrovnik Cuisine!

Beach Clubs

Dubrovnik Beaches are surrounded by incredible natural landscapes where you will create wonderful holiday memories.  Treat yourself like royalty and discover The Best Dubrovnik Beach Clubs, the places to dine, relax and have fun during the hot summer days.

Local Shops

Dubrovnik is the home of some of the most creative and innovative people in Croatia. Culture and art can be found in many Dubrovnik Local Shops around the city! Search for Authentic Local Products In Dubrovnik and hopefully find something you can bring back home as a perfect memory.

We offer a range of exciting and enriching experiences for travelers of all interests. We can't wait to show you all that our region has to offer on our small group and private tours in Dubrovnik!

Book The Best Tours In Dubrovnik and start making memories that will last a lifetime!

Dubrovnik History Tour offers educational sightseeing, the Game of Thrones Tour takes you to iconic filming locations, Dubrovnik Kayak Tours lets you paddle through beautiful waterways, while the Dubrovnik E-Bike Tours allow you to explore in an eco-friendly way. Dubrovnik Private Boat Tour and Small-Group Boat Tour will take you to the most beautiful places on the Elaphiti Islands like Dubrovnik Blue Cave, Sandy Beach Šunj, and other popular locations. Experience local gastronomy and nightlife with the Dubrovnik Food & Wine Tour.  Explore the beautiful countryside by booking Day Trips From Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik Hotels

If you are wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik – we are certain these recommendations for The Best Hotels In Dubrovnik will not disappoint. Each hotel selected in this list is characterized by elegant architecture, excellent cuisine, comfortable setting, quiet spaces, vast range of amenities and personalized attention. These are a few that are protagonist in the list of best 5-star hotel in Dubrovnik.

The Best Hair Salon in Dubrovnik

Hair salon “Leona” is located in the pleasant ambience of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel. Leona Hair Salon will delight you with modern techniques of making strands, modern and classic techniques of haircuts and hair styling and creating festive hairstyles for all occasions.

Nightlife in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is known to have one of the most exclusive nightlife options on the Adriatic coast. Weather that means sophisticated bars, classic cocktail spots, night clubs in ancient fortress, Dubrovnik's after-dark life is just as fun! In this section, find out where to drink, dance and listen to famous household names of the music industry.


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